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Today’s Crush: Zara’s Printed Dress

I tend to get the comment “You really like Zara” a lot. Most of my wardrobe is from Zara and a lot of my posts include Zara items. But you can’t blame me; who doesn’t love Zara?

I feel like my wardrobe is short on dresses and I was exploring few online sites until I came across this gorgeous floral Zara dress. What I love the most about this dress is the white base and how its gradually decorated with florals. The best part? It also has pockets, because who lives without their phone in hands and needs a pocket to dispose it for a minute?

The model wears it with a Zara gladiator sandal -which are trendy this season-, but if you wish to wear it with heels; I found the perfect Zara pair for you.

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Caged Sandals

If there’s one thing I could constantly blog about, it would be shoes. My eyes this season are on Caged Sandals and I cannot wait to get my hands on the Black Zara ones!

Caged Sandals
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Herome’s Nail Hardener!

Weak nails that chip every couple of days can be definitely frustrating. This is why I would like to recommend the Herome Nail  Hardener in Strong or Extra Strong if your nails are doing that bad.


I have managed to speak to Herome users and here is some feedback: “My nails were so weak and brittle. I’ve been using Herome for three months now, I have the nails I’ve always dreamed of” says Reem. ¬†“The best nail hardener ever, my nails are long and strong. Would definitely recommend” adds Diala.

Apply one coat on the first day, a second one on the next day and remove them on the third day. Go on with this process for a couple of weeks and enjoy nail growth and strength.

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