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My First Fashion Article

Around November, 2011 I wrote my very first fashion article for my school’s semester newspaper; ‘Oracle’. I was going through my files today and I decided to share it with you guys; its about Fall-Winter 2011/2012 fashion trends, and it was titled “Indulge Your Fashion Passion”. I remember getting excited when someone approached me saying it was great, especially with the use of proper terms. Tell me what you think. 

“Waving goodbye to the beach, sun and sand was difficult as summer was gone, but the good news is; the welcome of a new season for some windy fall/winter fashion, and the introducing of new trends to update your fashion wardrobe!
I must say if we ladies need more excuses to shop; then one of them is definitely the styles and trends of fall/winter 2011-2012. So go on and start shopping for your favorite trendy fabrics and prints, tops and jackets, shoes, and bags! So what’s really in for this season?
• Search for prints of leopard, polka dots, and sequins; whether it’s a top, blouse, a dress or a cardigan and sometimes shoes, these prints are definitely the current on the runway! What’s at the moment too is tweed, fine-looking on coats and dresses!
• Again it’s all about Knits, knits, and knits! Knits are not only a trend; they give warm sensations once worn whether it’s a cardigan or a striking top! Favorite colors of knits include green and its dark, purple, the dark blues, red, camel, and as always black or you can even check the printed colored knits!
• Anything Fur! So get ready to be more selective in picking your new favorite fur vest, fur boots or/and fur jacket!
• Blazers; coming back for another season, blazers make the outfit perfect over a fashionable blouse! There are many chic styles and colors for blazers; try the jersey blazer, the formal blazer, and many others picking your favorite color whether it’s black, gray, dark green, navy or even fuchsia!
• Flared Jeans; go on and try on a flared jeans, they’re in again, looking perfect topped with heels, and ended with a fashionable heels for a perfect afternoon outfit!
• Bags; every season adds a new style or color of bags! For this one; find your perfect choice of bag focusing on the classy camel, chic green, hip orange and stylish yellow!
• Shoes; of course when its winter it’s all about boots; so try on your over-the-knee, rain boots, and again your fur boots! Yet, that that doesn’t mean eliminating heels and flats; heeled loafers, pumps, and glittery flats and heels are in for the season!
• Other items always repetitive in fashion include; that little black dress, formal pants, elegant dark jeans, pencil skirts, cozy pullover sweaters, varied colored cardigans, a trench coat, and comfortable classic flats.
So what are you waiting for ladies? It’s definitely time for some shopping, no?”


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We Love Boys.

I mean, who doesn’t love Chanel Le Boys?


All girls go after this one.


Simple girls are after this one.


Daring girls are after this one.


Unique chic girls are after this one.


& this is the one eclectic girls are after.

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Make-Up: Guerlain


I have been using the Guerlain “Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder” – specifically the shade ‘sun blondes 04- bronzed pink and tan tones’ for three years now, and I must say there’s no another alternative. To be honest, I don’t use it as a bronzer, I use it as a blush… and it works like magic. I recommend it as long you choose it in the right tone for your skin.

Find it here.

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